Personalised Books on Etsy

Heritage Baby Crafts are currently working on new Crochet Picture Books for our online etsy shop. Keep in tune in the next few weeks for a sneak peak!

We have made many books over the years, and these are one of our most popular products yet!

My First Toys

 My Book of Colours

 My Book of Bugs

My First Book

We are currently working on a farm themed picture book! With a crochet barn, animals, and even a scarecrow! The pictures below feature images from our Colours crochet book. All our books are handmade and colourful; helping your children to learn safely, these adorable little books are the perfect gift this Christmas.

Winter Warmers – Football Themed Baby Clothes and Toys


Find our Football themed clothes and toys on our Etsy shop! 

We offer a range of things at Heritage Baby Crafts. Christmas, Sports, Florals, and many different Patterns! If you would like us to make you a themed gift for a special little person, then message us through etsy. We can arrange personalised handmade toys and clothes which will be unique for you!

Styling a Crochet Rose Dress from Etsy

Doll HBC

I’ve been trying out my drawing tablet for the first time so I thought I would have a go at making a simple drawing for Heritage Baby Crafts to learn how to use the software. It was fun getting a hang of layering and how ArtLite layers colours and imitates different materials. The colours came out a lot lighter than I expected and I was a little too shy to be daring with the contrast.

The picture is a simplistic but sweet drawing, which captures the feel of Heritage Baby Crafts. Loving to keep things homemade and unique, we have a large range of different wholesome styles for both boys and girls. Dress it UP or DOWN, for the cold weather add a long or quarter length sleeved shirt. Even pair it with leggings for a 2000’s style! For a warm, rustic, autumn or winter look; combine it with one of the many cardigans available on etsy.

The Crochet Rose Dress  featured in the image is currently available on our etsy page. The Doll herself is inspired by my mother, who is one of the creators of Heritage Baby Crafts!

1200 dress


(Plus Shipping)

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Rose Dress D2 

Football Jumper

Baby Blue Jumper

Boo! Baby Crafts – Halloween Crafts

‘Alloween gets many people in a festive spirit and I have to talk about some of the latest crafty trends I’ve been seeing over the last few weeks (..if not the last two months…). From Youtube to Pinterest, people have been getting there hands stuck into Halloween decorations, costumes, and toys this year. Heritage Baby Crafts do not normally run products for Halloween, as the day has never really been too much of a “thing” in my family’s home, but we do have the odd thing for Halloween and people who love a good spook. I loved to celebrate Halloween with the full works (within my own monetary limits) while I lived in London! So here is a post on the trends going though social media that I’m a little bit in love with.

Youtuber Matthias, runs a vlog channel on the side with his wife and partner Amanda. If watch their Youtube channel or their Instagram, you’ll know they have an adorable baby girl whose currently celebrating her first Halloween. This is the first place I saw this adorable baby crafts trend! Bumpkins!


Make your unique pumpkin print to mark your special little persons Halloween. Its sickly sweet but adorable. A fun and easy little craft memorabilia.  Bright and bold colours are perfect for any Halloween, and Heritage Baby Crafts has a bright orange plump jacket perfect for the cold weather. Long shot link there, but I have to promote somehow!



(Plus Shipping)

Pinterest is teaming with more Pumpkin themed baby crafts in leu of the bumpkin print! Cookies, pumpkin prints, and carvings are everywhere. But for the safety of your child and your own fingers. Pinterest is following the baby pumpkin trend of first Halloweens with craft lanterns. They’ve been around for ages, but I love the idea of making these one day myself or with my own little person! All you need is an old jar, paint, and a whole lot of glue. A good project for young kids and perfect for getting a bit messy after a long day at school or work! Follow the link for this Pinterest article by  Le Coin de Mel  on upcycled halloween lanterns! Feels very Gok Wan doesn’t it?


Hopefully next Halloween Heritage Baby Crafts can release some pumpkin themed clothes or toys for you to celebrate the night with a touch of crafty goodness! For now we are up and coming to Christmas. Attempting not to jump on the band wagon too early; please see a few links below to some Christmas and everyday products recently added to our etsy shop!



(Plus Shipping)

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Matinee Set
ZigZag Cardigan
Reindeer Christmas Tree Decoration



Made by Mothers

Made by mothers, Heritage Baby Crafts offers child friendly handmade clothes and toys. When making our products we aim to keep your child safe. We do not use beads or anything that could fall off our toys. As we all know how much children like to nibble on anything and everything.

Everything is handmade by two experienced mothers who have had seven children between them!

We offer a range of styles and materials. Also accepting requests!

These passionate craft mums love working on new adorable designs. If you want to see what else we have on offer you can visit our etsy page.

Are you interested but not sure what to buy? Follow us on social media, just click on the icons below to find our pages. You can also follow me on Instagram for occasional updates on Heritage Baby Crafts and to see what I get up to in my spare time.



Colours & Child Development

After reading  Nursery Color Psychology: Let Science Decide! by Kitty Lascurain, I’ve started looking into the importance of colour in our wardrobe. There are days that you are about to head off into work and you simply are not “feeling it”. So you put on a pair of black trousers, a plain top, and look into the mirror which reflects your state of mind. Argh! Change of plan!

You want to get through the day with the pep and enthusiasm that will help you challenge yourself. So you take off the plain comfortable shirt. Then find a colourful or patterned top or blouse, dress yourself up a bit! Now you can start your day, looking great!

Psychological studies, first conducted by advertising firms, suggest that colors can influence mood and behavior, stimulate the brain and body and even affect your little one’s health.

The same principle works for your children. Colours and patterns greatly influence our emotions and state of mind. So Heritage Baby Crafts uses dashes of bold colours and patterns to help your child grow through the clothes, accessories, and toys they use in their everyday life.

Experienced parents, aunts, uncles, siblings and friends. We all know how excitable children can be, so be mindful not to over stimulate your child with too many bold colours in one. Kitty’s article is about decorating your nursery, but the same ideas apply to dressing your little one. As she discusses the influence of Warm and Cool colours on your child, balancing the positive and negative effects that colours can have.

In general, warm colors elicit happiness and comfort, creating intimacy by making large, open spaces feel a little cozier. Bold shades of red, orange and yellow can stimulate the mind and have an energizing effect on the body.

With my own preference for warm colours, I’ve gathered a few items from Heritage Baby Crafts that will help you and your child feel energised and ready for the day ahead.

Red: Bold & Energetic

A touch of red can help stimulate blood flow, energising the body and mind. What better way to start a post on the influence of colour on children than with this? A crochet  Book of Colours 

“A delightful colourful book to enjoy with that special little person.”

– Heritage Baby Crafts

The different crochet books that we sell on etsy are popular with our customers. Despite the long hours that go into making these books, we love these too. We are currently in the process of making a few more, and have just recently produced a personalised book “Casper on Safari”. I have previously posted about this book, so for a peak inside and at the finished product, follow the link! We sell a range of toys as well as clothes and books, like the   Footballer Bear that you can see below.


Pink: Femininity & Sensitivity 

Pink is the culturally recognised symbol of girls and women in our culture. The floral colour evokes the qualities that we associate with women. Sensitivity, empathy, a gentle nature. Though, this colour is not just for girls! The qualities the colour inspires are found in both men and women and should help to promote these emotions and feelings in your special little person.

“You can really appreciate the cute and simplistic style…”

– Anonymous

We often find that this colour is not liked by a large amount of adults, as while the colour is soft and pretty, it can be a little overwhelming. So the best way to dress in pink? Add splashes of white, black, or even pale yellow shades to add the energetic flare this colour needs. We like this colour combination if you cannot tell from simply searching pink or yellow in the search bar. The ♥ Sheep Beanie ♥ below is typical of the hats we sell on our etsy page.



Yellow: Happiness & Inspiration

We are quite fond of yellow, because it makes you think of everything you want for your little one. As Kitty pointed out in her article, too much yellow can over stimulate babies, and might help make up a fuss.

“Soft, subtle yellows promote concentration while brighter shades can stimulate the memory and increases metabolism.”

-Kitty Lauscurain

This  Lace Trim Dress  has been made from a pale yellow fabric, and a few touches of white lace. The dress is perfect for days at the beach or park. Light and airy for warm weather, and you can mix and match with one of our shawls or shoes to create a perfect little summer outfit. If you like anything on our site, but would like it in a different colour then simply make a request on etsy!




I was inspired by Kitty’s article on colours and the effects on children’s emotions. So this really deserves a read from those interested in psychological effect of colours and those looking to decorate not only nurseries but any room in their own house. I’ve already put a few links within this post, but…

Click here to read ♥ Nursery Color Psychology: Let Science Decide! How Color Affects Your Baby’s Health and Happiness ♥ 

As for links to Heritage Baby Crafts, the photos and names will take you to the products on our etsy page! So please take a look and let us know what you think.


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One Month Making Heritage Baby Crafts

Its been one month since I posted, and one month since I started working full time. I’m struggling to find a routine. So here is a peak into the busy month both I and Heritage Baby Crafts have had! 

Heritage Baby Crafts – New and Improved

This month Heritage Baby Crafts has been working on new products for their site. And I’ve been helping them with the photography. Trying to add more colour into our photos to grab more attention on social media in order to show you more! Heritage Baby Crafts has a whole range of colourful and cute animal products on the way. The product below are some of my favourite small picks.









They are currently working on larger toys, including the massively adorable Baby Emperor Penguin that we recently sold, and a Baby Dragon!



One Month of Adult Life


Over this month of work, I’ve learnt many things about myself and about what I want to do, and I have decided that I want to properly expand on fashion in social media. So I will keep this blog running, while I will also start to run another blog focused on general fashion. Then, I will be posting once a every other week on this blog. Until I find a routine to balance work, the blogs, my hobbies, and my ever dwindling social life.

Isn’t it funny how when you finally earn enough to spend it on doing things… that… no one else is free to do things when you are?! Just another adult-life thing to get used too.

I was told that working life would be draining and it has turned me from a night owl into the girl that is in bed by 10pm. Like, what happened to being 21?! Its a bit different from the life I was expecting from Taylor Swift songs.

This month has really shown me what “living for the weekend” means, and I want to start doing more adventurous things with my spare time than I have before. So with this new blog in mind, I want to start actively doing things for the posts I make, to spruce up my life and get out there.

With plans to go to Ireland and Japan next year, and an inclination to move abroad for a year… I know the need to claw and dig for the things I want to do in the short term. Long term, I don’t have any pathways set in stone but I have interests I would like to build into a career. Hoping that blogging in my spare time will help me do something creative with my working life.


To help continue to promote Heritage Baby Crafts in the meantime, I will post once every week on Wednesdays or Sunday. Alternating between general product advertisement and related promotional articles based around trends, news, and our products in the making.

I really want this blog and this etsy shop to become something. So despite the many recent breaks I want to persevere and make this better.

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Drawstring Bag 

Yellow Jacket 

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